Kazimierz Dolny
Opole Lubelskie
Gmina Puławy
Józefów nad Wisłą
Powiat Puławski

In the western part of the Lublin Upland, there lies The Land of Loess Gorges. Eleven exceptional communes: Janowiec, Kazimierz Dolny, Końskowola, Karczmiska, Nałęczów, Opole Lubelskie, Poniatowa, Wąwolnica, Wojciechów, the town and the commune of Puławy, are home to kind and friendly people.

This Land, criss-crossed by a dense network of gorges, is the essence of Polishness. It tempts the visitor with the richness of national culture and nature heritage. Whoever visits it will not only come across mysterious ravines and gorges but also lush forests, gentle hills and vast fields; the eye will be pleased by the scenic Valley of the Vistula.


On the way the hikers can see:


- knight's castles shrouded in legend,
- manor houses which still hold memories of the educational passion of the Polish landowners,
- lordly mansions whose past residents had an enormous influence on shaping the national culture and, not uncommonly, European politics,
- the houses of illustrious artists who drew literary and artistic inspiration from this land,
- peasant cottages carefully protecting the material and spiritual culture of their environment, including unusual handicrafts.


Everyone who comes to this land will experience the real nature of the country on the Vistula.